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Yarrow Flowers C/S

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Yarrow flowers (Achillea millefolium) bloom from June to September.

A super herb known to repair the organs. There are many lovely garden varieties in hues of pink, purple and cream, but the flowers of the traditional herb are white. A strongly astringent herb, it’s also called milfoil, soldier’s woundwort, nosebleed and thousand leaf. Yarrow flower used in chronic diseases of the urinary apparatus is especially recommended. It exerts a tonic influence upon the venous system, as well as upon mucous membranes. It has been efficacious in sore throat, hemoptysis, hematuria and other forms of hemorrhage where the bleeding is mall in amount; incontinence of urine, diabetes, hemorrhoids with bloody and mucoid discharges, and dysentery. Also in amenorrhea, flatulency and spasmodic diseases, and in the form of injection in leucorrhea with relaxed vaginal walls. It will be found to be one of our best agents for the relief of uterine fibroids”

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